Who am I?

In a brave step away from anonymity, I am Chris Dugdale, or “Dug” for short. I work in digital marketing, which is a little dull, and drink gin, which is a little less dull. This is me on Twitter: @Chris_Dugdale (the work me) and @GinJourney (the gin-drinking me), and this is me on Google+: +Chris Dugdale.

If any gin aficionados out there are on Google+, say hi; I have a gin-buddies circle, but it is a bit empty at the moment. :-(


How did I discover gin?

Rewind to 2008 and I would have considered myself a real ale man. I liked a good whiskey (note the ‘e’ – I prefer Irish over Scotch) but rarely drank it while out an about because few places sell anything that I might consider palatable. Real ales can be hard to find in some pubs as well – coupled with the fact that some pub landlords don’t seem to be able to look after the stuff.

Then, at a work Christmas party (2008 I believe), a colleague persuaded me to try a Gin and Tonic. I had tried gin in my teens and thought it an horrendous drink, but being a little inebriated, I thought I would give it a go.

It is a simple origin, but it is a tale that began my love affair with gin. From this, gin has become my staple of my drink of choice, and I don’t much fancy the chances of Malaria surviving in my bloodstream.

Recently I have become a little more adventurous with gin, and have embarked on a journey to experience and learn as much as I can about the world of gin. It is on these dusty pages that I will keep the world updated on my gin-drinking adventures.

The unfortunate down-side of all this, is that gin is not longer a refuge where I can find an enjoyable drink in any pub. I have become a gin snob (and a tonic snob). Oh well, a bad G&T is still better than bad whisky or beer.


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