Gin & tonic with mint

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Mint Leaves

Mint Leaves

I swear I read about this on the Blackwood’s site ( but I cannot find it now. Whether it is there or not, I tried gin & tonic with mint because of Blackwood’s – you see, one of its botanicals is water mint.

35ml Blackwood’s Vintage Dry Gin
200ml Fever-Tree tonic water
Ice – lots
2 or 3 mint leaves

Method: Add the ice to a tall glass, add the mint and muddle. Pour the gin over the ice and leave for 30 seconds before adding the tonic water.

Verdict: The mint makes what is a cool, crisp drink into a tremendously cool, crisp drink. You need to be careful not to add too much mint so as to not override the other flavours. But, if you get this right, you will be rewarded with an incredibly refreshing, long drink with uplifting freshness; great for hot summer days.

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